Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Dawn of 3D Capitalism

Friday 2/10/12 is the dawn of a new era of three dimensional capitalism. That is the first day NYS allows a new type of corporation, the Benefit Corporation. A Benefit Corporation earns the triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. By acknowledging that a business can make a People Profit, a Planet Profit, and a Money Profit a business opens up their narrow vision to see more of the big picture.
By predicting, tracking, and improving each of these bottom lines a Benefit Corporation has three angles into its business instead of the old fashioned one dimensional profit.
In this age of rapid change the more ways a business looks at its performance the more ways that business can rapidly respond to the needs, wants, and desires of its customers, workers, neighbors, suppliers, and owners. It will not take long for 3D capitalist businesses to outperform any businesses that choose to remain one dimensional.
Excelsior New York for approving this new business type!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Healthy Economy & Environment

I am inspired after attending the Healthy Economy & Environment conference that concluded today. First, thanks to all those who put this together. Second, how about this for a tax solution:
Eliminate Corporate Income Tax, and replace it with increased tax on corporate dividends, and money retained by corporations. Corporations are not people, despite what the Supreme Court ruled. Let's take away the taxes they pay so they can not claim "Taxation with out representation".
What rights should a Corporation have? The right to make money, and the right to shield the owners from liability are currently the only ones. Check out for a new kind of corporation that respects the triple bottom line.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

human will vs garbage

Ecology vs Economy.  The heavyweight bout of our lifetimes.  Will there be a clear winner?  Will the referee declare a TKO?  Is the referee paying attention or just hanging out waiting for a paycheck? 

Can greed triumph over mother nature?  In the long run we cannot kill the planet.   We may overload our backyard with our own wastes, and poison ourselves, but the Earth still spins in space.  Life will continue.

Our emotional mind rules our actions most of the time.  Our intellectual mind occasionally wins one.  We must pick our battles carefully if the intelligent solution is to prevail.  The sooner we pick them the less mess there will be to clean up.